Our Story

The Margaret River Honey Company was born on the banks of the Blackwood River on a warm spring afternoon in 2013. It was Kambaran, one of the six seasons in the local Indigenous tradition that are defined not by months on a calendar, but by the changes in the landscape.


Coinciding with October-November, Kambaran is the time of birth and renewal. It’s also called wildflower season for the colourful bursts of native flowers that appear everywhere from the coastal grasses to the Jarrah forests. 


It’s during this season that the native Coastal Peppermint Trees growing in the moist sandy soils of the riverbanks and waterways, also burst into flower; their pendulous branches weighed down with clusters of small, white, nectar-filled blooms. The season has its own soundtrack too - the screech of black cockatoos, the warble of magpies, and the constant, soothing, symphonic hum of bees at work. And where there are bees, there’s honey.


The Margaret River Honey Company is founded on the idea that honey, like wine or cheese or any truly natural, artisanal food, should be an expression of what winemakers call terroir – that unique combination of environment, climate and artisanal knowhow that expresses in the organoleptic character of a food, the very essence of a land and its people.

Not surprisingly, our first product was Coastal Peppermint Honey.