Coastal Peppermint Honey

The Coastal Peppermint Tree, Agonis flexuosa, is indigenous to South-Western Australia where it’s also known as the Swan River Peppermint or Willow Myrtle. In the local indigenous dialects, it’s called Wonil or Wannang. Crushing or tearing the long, slender leaves releases a powerful odour of peppermint, giving the tree its common name. In aboriginal bush medicine, the leaves are an antiseptic for cuts and wounds.

Botanically, the Coastal Peppermint Tree is part of the Myrtaceae family making it closely related to the genus Leptospermum, which includes the Australian Tea Tree, and the New Zealand Manuka tree, the source of Manuka Honey. The honey made from the Coastal Peppermint shares many of the same qualities and is packed with antioxidants, enzymes and hundreds of health-boosting phytochemicals.

The Margaret River Honey Company uses analysis methods developed by the Western Australia Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products to ‘fingerprint’ each batch of honey and verify that its nutritional and antioxidant activity meets the standard of authentic Coastal Peppermint. 

Flavour Profile:

Coastal Peppermint Honey is a dark, luscious, thick honey, which does not crystallise. Despite the name, there is no prominent taste or aroma of peppermint, although you may detect a hint of mint depending on the season. The aroma is rich, warm and inviting. The flavour is full-bodied and complex with notes of dried orange rind, toffee, clove and allspice finishing with a warm pepperiness at the back of the palate providing balance to the underlying sweetness.

How to Serve and enjoy Coastal Peppermint Honey:

The robust flavour of Coastal Peppermint Honey demands equally hearty company.


It is superb with strongly flavoured cheese such as fresh or mature goat cheese, blue cheese and mature, washed rind varieties, aged cheddar and hard parmesan-style cheese. Serve as an accompaniment to a cheese board along with toasted nuts, dried currents and fresh fig. The combination of these flavours is heavenly.

Cakes & Biscuits:

The restrained sweetness of Coastal Peppermint Honey makes it ideal for drizzling over pound cakes, fruit tarts and pastries. Whip with fresh ricotta and serve with scones and muffins. 


As a table honey, Coastal Peppermint deserves a flavoursome bread such as 24-hour fermented sourdough or traditional dark rye. It will elevate pancakes and crumpets to a whole new level. A generous teaspoon of Coastal Peppermint Honey added into your favourite breakfast smoothie delivers a potent dose of health-boosting nutrients.

In Cooking:

When balancing flavours in Asian cooking, use Coastal Peppermint Honey in place of raw sugar or palm sugar. It works beautifully with ginger and chilli, making it ideal for stir-fries, marinades and glazes.