As a participant in the Western Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Product, the Margaret River Honey Company works closely with the team developing honey screening and authentication tools and methods.

The Margaret River Honey Company has been involved in leading the development of these methods that provide a unique ‘fingerprint’ for each honey style. This fingerprint allows us to verify that the honey our bees are making is the honey from the Coastal Peppermint tree in the Margaret River Honey region of Western Australia, providing our customers with the comfort that they are buying the exact honey that is shown on the jar.

The other unique benefit of this technique is that the fingerprint also identifies the active compounds present in the honey that make up its unique antioxidant profile. We have adopted this breakthrough approach into the core of everything we do at the Margaret River Honey Company.

From the hive, handling, and all the way through the process, the fingerprinting is at the heart of everything. This ensures that the unique qualities and antioxidant benefits are not in any way compromised.