• Extraordinary honey from the most beautiful corner of the world.

Discover the unique flavours of indigenous flora from Western Australia.

 Imagine a place of breathtaking, natural beauty.

A remote, sun-soaked corner of the world where forests of ancient trees stand guard over postcard-perfect beaches of translucent, turquoise water and untouched golden sand. A place where the air is pure, the land is bountiful, and the night sky evokes the awe of childhood.

The Noongar people who have inhabited the place for 48 thousand years call it Wooditchup, but people around the world know it as the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

For surfers, the Margaret River coastline offers waves comparable to Hawaii. Eco-tourists and nature lovers know it as one of Earth’s 36 biodiversity hotspots. And for the gourmand, the Margaret River is synonymous with excellent wine, seafood, cheese, truffles and some of the most precious, exclusive honey in the world.