Who we are

'The Margaret River Honey Co.' was established in 2013 by passionate hobbyists Luke and Megan Watts.  The operation is small and simple; just fifty hives to supply stores and restaurants around our region with 100% locally made raw honey.

"We feel blessed to keep bees in one of the last untouched, pristine corners of the globe. The Margaret River region is a true beekeeping paradise."

Luke's interest in bees and honey began in 2011 when he managed a large scale commercial extraction factory in the upper South Island of New Zealand.

Practically everything about The Margaret River Honey Co. is different to this commercial operation, however the exposure to the many facets of beekeeping, honey processing and diversity of honey was an invaluable experience.

When Luke and Megan moved to the Margaret River Region, they recognised the abundant forests as an ideal place to establish beehives and unlock the diverse honeys the area can offer.