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For those wishing to keep their bees as naturally as possible whilst keeping things practical to their needs; Top Bar beekeeping is ideal. Instead of setting up the hive vertically like a Langstroth hive design, the hive lies horizontally.

We can supply 5 frame nucleus hives to fit into Top Bar Beehives and offer our ‘Start-Up Package’ to work with you and offer advice to get your Top Bar Beehive thriving.

Some of the advantages of Top Bar beekeeping are;

Removes heavy lifting and the hive can be placed at a comfortable working height

Hive components are simple and easy to construct

Simplified honey comb harvesting

Less disruptive to bees - a more natural, sustainable approach to keeping bees.

The beehives are relatively simple to construct and can be done for the cost of some time and a few lengths of timber from the hardware store. There are a lot of plans available online but the Kenyan Top Bar Hive plans by Phil Chandler will provide a great basis for your own variations. Follow the link to see the plans or make contact with us for the basic dimensions of the hive.

If you don’t have the time or resources to construct your own Top Bar Beehive, we can supply you with a quality constructed Kenyan Top Bar Beehive. Contact us for the details.