RAW Honey

Between the hive and the jar we keep things simple. In our processing, we don't apply any excessive heat, which could alter the properties of the honey. Filtration is gentle and only used to remove the chunky bits of wax and other bee stuff. This limited style of processing optimises a honey's flavour and retains its integrity.

Our honey is an expression of the place it comes from. Messing around with it only moves it further away from its origins.

We sell our honey to stores and restaurants.  If you are interested in what we offer, go to our contact page to arrange a tasting and receive our wholesale price list.

Currently Available Honeys

Coastal Peppermint

Golden coloured with hot intensity and citrus rind aromatics. Rich in eucalyptol’s, it is fabulous for soothing sore throats. The Peppermint tree (Agonis flexuosa) is abundant in the Margaret River forest. After heavy winter rains it flowers prolifically from September - December. Our Coastal Peppermint is a genuine spring time expression of the Margaret River coastal forests.

Marri - Red Gum

Amber in colour with a butterscotch character and excellent length in its flavour. A real Western Australian classic! The 'Red Gum' or Marri (Corymbia calophyla) is one of the dominant coastal trees in the Margaret River region. It is identified easily by its resinous, mottled bark. Its fantastic cream flowers can be seen from February to April.

Creamed Honey

Our current creamed honey offering is Coastal Peppermint. It has a smooth texture ideal for scooping out of the jar and spreading.

Future Seasonal Honeys


Due in January/February ***availability is very seasonal***        

The Blackbutt (Eucalyptus patens) lies in the many hidden creek lines in the Margaret River region and flowers through December and January. Identification of this tree can be tricky and is often confused for Marri (Red Gum). There is no chance for confusion with Blackbutt honey though. It's a dark honey with a unique, full bodied malty character.

Melaleuca Blend

Due in Decemer/January ***availability is very seasonal***        

The Melaleuca blend is a soft dark honey with a delicious orange blossom and toffee caramel aroma and taste. There are several Melaleuca species that flower through December and January. This blend is dominated by the common Paper Bark tree (Melaleuca preissiana) and the Honeymyrtle (Melaleuca huegelii), both abundant through the region and both a favourite to honey bees.


Growing to over 80m tall, Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor) is Australia's tallest tree species. Their infrequent flowering makes karri honey rare and precious. The honey is light golden in colour. It has a natural sweetness with an earthy, savory flavour. A local favourite when it is available. 


 ****We are proud to maintain the highest levels of bee management and food grade standards from hive to jar****