Langstroth Nucleus Hives

- from $185 delivered locally

Our Langstroth nucleus hives will have a new season queen, emerging brood and a strong bee population. These nucleus hives are perfect for getting bees into your newly purchased 'Flow Hive'.

They are delivered in 5 frame full depth boxes with 5 quality constructed new or near new wooden frames (no plastic) with drawn combs. 

If you prefer smaller, lighter weight equipment, given enough lead-time we can usually accommodate.

Although we can supply through most seasons except winter, it is best to place an order in late winter or at the beginning of spring and expect delivery at the start of summer. 

**A refundable deposit of $45 for the nucleus box is additional to the purchase price**

Nucleus Hives FOR 'FLOWhive'

We can, have and will supply ‘Langstroth Nucleus Hives’ and ‘Start-up Packages’ for Flow Hive customers. We also offer support for Flow Hive customers who need advice and services to get their existing Flow Hive performing up to their expectations.


The Flow Hive technology is a terrific way for the hobbyist beekeeper to appreciate the joys of beekeeping. It removes the need to physically remove the honey comb and the need for traditional 'extracting’ equipment.

The beekeeping fundamentals of the Flow Hive are based on the Langstroth beekeeping system of vertically stacking hive boxes with removable wax frames. The Flow Hive Technology does not remove the need to appropriately manage your beehive. As with any beehive, regular hive inspections are necessary.

The Flow Hive website offers excellent support to its customers. Their page highlights a few of the fundamentals associated with good hive management. Most of the other really important information about Flow Hive management can be found through the FAQ page on their web page -

Having a flow hive with bees does not necessarily result in having ‘honey on tap’. Any beehive requires significant honey stores to survive periods of time when nectar is short in supply; particularly through the cold, wet winters in the South West of Australia. Likewise, bees can struggle through the heat and drought of summer. Be generous to the bees and the bees will be generous to you. Take only the honey that is surplus to the hives requirements.