Our Apiaries


An 'apiary' is a collection of beehives. The Margaret River Honey Co. manages many small apiaries in pockets of forests in the Margaret River Region between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. Our bees are happy and prosper in their environment. 

Being an apiarist is not just about the bees, but also the site which is chosen as the hive's home. A foreign, unsupportive environment is likely to have an unhappy, unsuccessful outcome for the bee.

Each of our apiaries has between six and twelve hives, a small number, which allows the hives to live in harmony with, rather than dominate, surrounding wildlife. It also promotes our 'responsible beekeeping' methods, particlarly for swarm control.

At The Margaret River Honey Co., we are very conscious of the environment we place our hives in and do not want to disrupt the delicate equilibrium that exists in the region's local forests. 

We prefer not to move our hives from site to site. Although hives cope well being moved, we like the idea of our hives having a permanent abode and a long-term relationship with its local environment.